Inprodicon International – a reputable provider of streaming music


InProdicon is a reputable provider of Branded and White Label Music Rental Subscription Streaming Services for the World Market. We provide music from all of the Global Music Industry. Our platform supports all consumer devices ranging from PC and smart-phones to tablets and Connected TV.

InProdicon has over many years licensed and built up an astounding catalogue of digital music files from all the largest record labels and content aggregators in the World. Further, through a combination of in-house development and acquisitions, InProdicon now has a cutting edge technical platform that can facilitate secure and industry approved distribution of the licensed content to consumers in all corners of the World. Consumption may be in the form of permanent downloads where consumers pay for and download individual tracks and albums. More and more however, the industry is moving towards subscription based consumption with individuals paying a fixed monthly fee for unlimited access to music.

The service itself comes with all the latest functionality including the possibility to share playlists, integrations with social media, editorial content and music recommendations.

Paw Capital Partners AB has been Advisor in the capital-procurement process.