Why PAW Capital

We are an independent company specializing in corporate transactions.

In order to create the best benefit for our clients, we specialize over time in a few industries at a time. It means we know who needs what at the right time. Knowledge of industries is “fresh”. We often choose industries where there is a great need for consolidation or where the industry is growing strongly. In both cases, the need for quick business is crucial.

Our experience and knowledge come from managing both business and organization – people. Understanding how the relationship between man and business works is important. Through consulting assignments in various industries and many years of experience from line positions where we have built and led growth companies, we act as advisors and project managers.

We at Paw Capital Partners have a long experience as an advisor in international growth companies. We have helped many companies in sales and acquisition processes in various forms from small to larger companies.

Are you ready to sell?

Our experience will help you to close the deal

  • We have strategic market knowledge of the market we operate in
  • We understand the role of ownership and how different types of ownership structures work
  • We create a market with different stakeholders

We can value your company

Our knowledge is fundamental to a successful transaction

  • We have experience in different markets
  • We analyze the market conditions for every transaction
  • We have financial analysis and make valuation of the company

We line up

We help buyers and sellers understand each other

  • We can create a good and clear negotiating situation between buyers and sellers
  • We explain the basis for a valuation so that both parties understand the right value of a company
  • Our focus is always our customer’s best

Transactions are complicated

We will find the right path and guide you to the top

  • A long-term relationship is the foundation of our services
  • We continuously communicate with our clients
  • We always work under strict confidentiality

Pandea Global M&A

Pandea Global M&A (“Pandea”) is a global network of selected independent companies focusing on the creation and implementation of medium-sized companies’ M&A activities.

A typical transaction value is between 5 and 50 MEuros. Paw Capital is one of the founders.

We work on carrying out cross-border transactions that add value to our customers by offering opportunities for international business in a personal and easy way.