Acquisition of companies

Buying a company requires planning!

4 important areas to consider when planning company acquisitions

Our role is to ensure that the following questions are thoroughly highlighted in the process between Seller and Buyer:

The market

  • Is there a market for the item, within Sweden or internationally?
  • What does the company’s market look like after an acquisition?
  • Pitfalls that others have fallen into. Competitors or colleagues?

Strategies for executing a transaction

  • When is it right in relation to the company’s situation, the owner’s age etc?
  • Valuation models – return versus net asset value?
  • Valuation of real estate and other fixed assets?
  • What are the key ratios?
  • Which negotiation and selection strategy are best for us?

What must be ready?

  • Are there financial resources to complete the acquisition?
  • Financing, payment models and capital management
  • How do you manage the company’s management, are they important to the company’s operations?

The integration processes

  • Integration of staff – can be likened to a group appointment.
  • Common culture and values ​​are important.
  • Flows and finances are to be aligned to create synergies.